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  • L2a2 Ball ... L2a2 Ball
  • 36 Caliber (.350) Lead Round Ball Bullets Hornady pk 100 Free Shipping over $25 w/insurance, tracking and no tax added! Comparing Prices? Most of our competitors are adding $7 to $12+ for shipping, plus insurance and some have a handling fee too..
To set a hydrostatic packer, a ball is circulated through the tubing and packer to the Sub, and sufficient tubing pressure is applied to activate the setting mechanism in the packer. After the packer is set, a pressure increase to approximately 2,500 psi (17, 23 MPa) shears screws to allow the ball seat to move down until the fingers snap back ...
Saltech 7.62x51mm Ball M80 Ammunition 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammo Can of 560 Rounds Log in for pricing Brand Saltech Caliber 7.62x51mm Ball Model M80 Bullet Weight 150 Grain Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Reloadable Yes Case Type Brass Rounds...
Jul 26, 2020 · The US load is 147gr, and is called M80. Some other nations also use the same nomenclature, though most did not. The situation with surplus ammo in this caliber is a bit different, so I’m going to go into a bit more detail. Here are some of the different types of 7.62×51 NATO surplus ammunition. Demilitarization Munitions Recycling - Safe and efficient demilitarization of a wide variety of surplus munition items. ... 7.62mm Ball M80, Tracer M62. SMP® 992. 155mm MACS Decoppering Pellets. WC 846 + CaCO 3 . 7.62mm Ball M80. SHP® 923. 120mm IM HE-T. SMP® 744. 7.62mm Ball M80. SHP® 941. 5" Navy. SMP® 849.
Apr 03, 2013 · Cartridge identification is important to anyone who works with ammunition cartridges, whether it's reloading or collecting. While it isn't foolproof, often the easiest way to identify a cartridge is to look at the headstamp, if there is one, because in many instances that will tell you exactly what it is.
460 Round Can - Surplus 7.62x51 Ammo -147 Grain FMJ M80 Ball - Made by PMC in South Korea 1980s 20 Rounds per box, 23 boxes packed in an M2A1 ammo can Brass case, boxer primer, reloadable, non-corrosive. Projectile is magnetic, bi-metal jacket with lead core.
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The U.S. military's accuracy standard for M80 Ball (boxed or on stripper clips) is a mean average radius of 5 inches at 600 yards for all groups tested from a given lot of ammunition. That...
Feb 03, 2005 · Compared ballistics for CMP M80 vs Australian Ball F4 For the January high power event at our club, I had to use the Australian F4 147gr ammo (AFF headstamp) as it was what I had on hand. The January match was 3 slow fire strings at 600yds.
Surplus Bulk Ammunition
Mar 22, 2019 · Brownells has a bargain on 200 rounds of Federal Lake City 308/7.62x51mm NATO XM80 FMJ ammunition with a reusable Ammo Can and FREE Shipping for $102.99 or $0.51 a round with a code.
Surplus 308 Bullets
Campaign or battle credit alone is not sufficient for award of the CIB. Eligibility also includes soldiers or officers with an MOS other than infantry or Special Forces that hold a prior or secondary infantry or Special Forces MOS and that are assigned or temporarily attached to an infantry unit of any size smaller than a brigade.
10 Shot Group at 100 Yards, ZQI M80 Ball. 10 Shot Group at 600 Yards, ZQI M80 Ball. It goes without saying that the practical differences between match and non-match ammo are very clear, especially at 600 yards. Quick Thoughts. Before we wrap everything up, I’d like to provide some fast points on our selections:
In our testing with next-generation metals, we are adding 7-15 lbs depending on desired bulletproof helmet coverage to defeat M80 ball at normal velocities with safe backface deformation upon impact. Luckily advanced ceramic options have proven to be lighter and perform just as well.
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  • Magtech Cbc11k-115, 556nato, 55 Grain, Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail, 50 Round Boxes In A 200 Round Poly Barrier Bags With Desiccant In A 1000 Rounds Wire Sercurity Sealed M2a1 Can 556milModel:...
    .223 REM Commercial Only - 1000+. I use a Dillon XL650 for reloading 11 types of ammunition. I typically have to size and de-prime, then clean the primer pockets before I turn around and prime my old supplier's brass.
  • A mean figure of 2,700 fps is the standard NATO muzzle velocity for M80 ball ammunition. The SL7's short barrel lost only 125 to 250 fps in velocity. There were no malfunctions except for two "bolt-over-base" stoppages induced when the weapon was purposely held away from the shoulder to permit the weapon to recoil rearward along with the bolt ...
    The 5.56×45mm NATO (official NATO nomenclature 5.56 NATO) is a rifle cartridge developed in the United States and originally chambered in the M16 rifle. Under STANAG 4172, it is a standard cartridge for NATO forces as well as many non-NATO countries.3 It is derived from, but not identical to, the .223 Remington cartridge. If the bullet impacts at high enough velocity and yaws4 in tissue ...

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  • These cartridges follow the M80 standard. Mil spec ammo in this caliber is typically slightly less "hot" than hunting loads and makes for more pleasant shooting at the range! Each cartridge in this bulk case of 500 fires a 149 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,790 feet per second.
    308 Winchester Ammo (7.62x51mm) Introduced in 1952, the .308 Winchester is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle round. Often considered the commercial version of the 7.62x51mm NATO round, the .308 Winchester was introduced on the commercial market for hunting for the Winchester Model 70 and Model 88.
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 Magtech 7.62x51mm Ball M80. Magtech 7.62x51mm Ball M80 147 gr. FMJ Brass Case, Boxer Primed I was looking at surplus M80 Ball ammo prices and then looked up steel .308 ammo prices on a whim and found steel ammo to be about 6-10 cents cheaper (per cartridge). My main worry with steel ammo is whether or not it will require a lot more cleaning than M80 Ball.
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 No ammo just boxes. Description as follows: 4- empty metal boxes: 1- 200 Cartidges 7.62 mm. NATO M80 CARTONS M 13 2- 200 CARTRIDGES 7.62 MM M13 CARTONS 1- 250 CARTRIDGES CAL.30 LINKED 4 BALL M2 1 TR M25 SMOKE FREE HOME NOT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE The .308 is one of the simplest cartridges to work with and the choice of reloading components is endless. In 20” barreled rifles, fast burning powders such as H4895/ ADI 2206H are far better performers than the more traditional powders. Win 748 ball powder is also very good, after all, it was designed for the .308 and short military barrels.
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 amm-m80/gp11-308-640 Do Not confuse this with old military surplus, product overrun or other ammo with NATO like imitations. This M80 / GP11 7.62 X 51 Nato ammo is 100% authentic military ammunition exceeding all STANAG and MOPI requirements. May 30, 2011 · Well, thanks for the reply, but I think you missed the ball a bit. Any commercial .308 Winchester load is going to be higher pressure than what is intended for 7.62 X 51 MM NATO, it is the nature of the beast. .308 Winchester is loaded to higher pressure levels than the 7.62 X 51 MM NATO, I am not speaking of the weight of the bullets.
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 Bullet Type: M80 Ball Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Projectile Rounds: 500 Rounds per case Muzzle Velocity: 2700 fps Muzzle Energy: 2485 ft. lbs Bullet Diameter: .308 Jacket Material: Steel or Gilding Metal (Copper) Core Material: Lead Casing: Reloadable Annealed Brass Casings Bullet May Attract a Magnet Uses: Target, Training, Personal Protection Specifications: Ballistics: Tested to NIJ Level III+ / NIJ-0101.06 Standards Ballistic Capability: Multi-Hit, will defeat M855 5.56mm 62gr, M80 7.62x51 149gr ball. Ballistic Material: Silicon Carbide Ceramic &...
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 Nov 25, 2016 · Likewise the powder, which is a fine, double-based ball-type visually similar to BLC2. This averaged 44.6 grains with an ES of 0.1. GGG quote an average speed of 823 MPS +/- 15 m/s, which in old money means 2732 fps, so very much your typical 7.62 NATO ball round. The short, 16” barrel of the LMT 308SP does rob velocity with an average of ...
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 These cartridges follow the M80 standard. Mil spec ammo in this caliber is typically slightly less "hot" than hunting loads and makes for more pleasant shooting at the range! Each cartridge in this bulk case of 500 fires a 149 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,790 feet per second. – M80, 7.62mm can’t penetrate at these ranges M855A1 3/8‖ Mild Steel Kevlar Fabric M855A1 was tested out to M855A1 1000m and was never stopped. Shot with the M4 M855A1 Penetration –7 385m M855A1 WILL Penetrate Some Body Armor Designed to Stop 7.62mm Ball
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 460 Round Can - Surplus 7.62x51 Ammo -147 Grain FMJ M80 Ball - Made by PMC in South Korea 1980s 20 Rounds per box, 23 boxes packed in an M2A1 ammo can Brass case, boxer primer, reloadable, non-corrosive. Projectile is magnetic, bi-metal jacket with lead core. 62gr Tracer - ... 62gr Tracer
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 Our M-65 Field Jackets are perfect for military members, outdoor adventurers, or just your everyday patriotic American. Army Surplus World carries affordable, high quality M-65 Field Jackets. Find yours in stores or online today!
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 Note that while this velocity is below the US specification for M80 ball (2750 +/- 30 fps) it is squarely on the British specification for L2A2 (2700 +/- 30 fps). This is hardly surprising. While the present standard Malaysian armed forces service rifle is the Colt AR-15/M-4 series in various models, the previous standard was the L1A1 FN in 7 ...
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    Aug 18, 2020 · Accuracy of 2 MOA or better with M80 Surplus style ammunition, confirmed at 600 yards [PASS] – This one actually passed with flying colors at 100, 300, and 600 yards with Sellier & Bellot ammunition. It also was tested with other ball ammo at 100 yards with sub 2 MOA accuracy. The 7.62×39mm (aka 7.62 Soviet or formerly .30 Russian Short) round is a rimless bottlenecked intermediate cartridge of Soviet origin that was designed during World War II.Due to the worldwide proliferation of the Soviet SKS and AK-47 pattern rifles, as well as RPD and RPK light machine guns, the cartridge is used by both militaries and civilians alike.
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    Mfg No. 35557 Barcode 090255355574 This product is repackaged from a bulk 3000 count box to a 250 count box. Hornady 35557 Full Metal Jacket Bullets weigh 1,850 grams per 250 count. Surplus Cartridges Many people would like to make their own real, life-size cannon to decorate their home, use as a theatre prop, finish the children’s castle, tree house, etc.
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    These cartridges follow the M80 standard. Mil spec ammo in this caliber is typically slightly less "hot" than hunting loads and makes for more pleasant shooting at the range! Each cartridge in this bulk case of 500 fires a 149 grain full metal jacket bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2,790 feet per second. This results in good medium to long range ...Remo on 7.62x51mm - 149 gr FMJ M80 - Lake City - 500 Ammo. Performance ☆☆☆☆☆ ...
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    Mar 20, 2010 · Pull a bullet and then take a hack-saw and cut the projectile in two. Check to see if the jacket is copper - or steel. If it is steel - it will have been copper washed/plated - but much thinner than a US M80 Ball round's jacket. IF it has the thin steel jacket - this stuff according the Dr. Martin Fackler is: I recently picked up 400 rounds of Magtech 7.62x51 M80 ball ammo from Palmetto State Armory for 50 cents a round shipped to my door. Magtech 7.62x51mm 147gr FMJ M80 Ammunition 50rds - 762A There were some bad reviews on this ammo indicating brass sticking in the chamber. I did run into this...
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  • Looking at the two vehicles, the prewar half-ton and the M80, it's clear that there is a direct relationship. Both offer simple lines with short overhangs, the M80 design updated by new ...